Working for a charity over a private company

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There are more and more people wanting to work for a business that makes a difference in the world, rather than the ‘greedy’ large corporations we have so many of. A lot of the celebrities become ambassadors for charities and this encourages the public to follow suit also. Looking after those less fortunate than ourselves brings an additional ‘feel good’ factor towards the job role.

The charity sector employs over half a million people in the UK, and is made up of 150,000 organisations. It generates a massive £20 billion per year and so is a great place to start a career in.

People seem to think that charities are run by ‘do-gooders’ living on the bear minimum wage is certainly far from the truth for the above mentioned charities.

Charities are increasingly aiming to recruit the best possible candidates. They obviously will find it difficult to compete with the massive private sector companies, but are now offering advantages for candidates to want to be attracted to those roles.

One major advantage is that there is a lot more emphasis on getting the work-life balance correct. Charity work often offers flexible, part time, and job shared positions. It is also apparent the pay is increasingly getting better and closing the gap of that of private sector companies.

Volunteering is the best way to get in to the charity business. And from then to work your way up to your desired position. As long as you are a hard worker and have a well though team ethic, you’ll be great for the role.

Making the transfer from a private sector company to a charity can be easily done, as there are so many transferrable skills. They are very similar organisations in terms of their structure and how they function. The main difference being one has better morals than the other!

So for the future, bare in mind a charity role, if you’re feeling the need for a job with a little more moral satisfaction to go with it. It will also sit very respectfully on your CV.

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