Why Starting a Blog Can Help Your Executive Job Search

Author: Heather Eagar

Keeping a good presence online has become more and more important as employers turn to the web to find new employees. This means that executives, especially, need to develop a professional, big presence online that shows their aptitude for high level positions. Lots of people accomplish this feat by writing a blog.

You’ve probably read numerous blogs in your time, but haven’t written your own. Some people use them for personal venting sessions while others showcase their professional expertise. If you’re trying to build your brand and enhance your executive job search, creating a blog is a good idea. However, if you’re unsure that it will work for you, here are four reasons to consider it as an option.

You Get to Share (and Grow) Your Expertise

One great aspect of writing blogs for your field is that you have the opportunity to share your wealth of expertise. Having been in your field for many years, you’ve seen it grow and can share your own comparative analysis, as well as offer insight into where you see your field heading.

Additionally, you get to conduct research for your blog that can help grow your knowledge. When you're spending all your time working with a single company, a big part of your job might be to know the intricate details of that specific organization, including goals, missinons, etc. Writing blogs is different, however, as your approach needs to be a bit more general in order to apply to all of the professionals that might be reading it.

You Can Increase Networking Opportunities

By writing a reputable blog for your field, you could eventually draw in members of your field who would like to comment on your writings and maybe even contact you directly. It helps if you have already set up a LinkedIn profile that you can link to from your blog. This way, interested parties who have already gotten a taste of your level of knowledge can look at additional accomplishments and know how to contact you if they’re looking to recruit.

It’s a Great Resume Builder

Another great reason to blog is that you can build on the accomplishments already on your resume. Since most resumes are shipped off in electronic formats, you can post a link to your blog when you apply for jobs. This way, employers can look at your level of expertise through your blog as they narrow down their options for the position.

You Might Eventually Guest Blog

There’s something very special about having someone ask you to guest blog for their site. This is a great honor and a big opportunity--the other blogger is saying that your expertise in the field is significant enough that he believes his readers would benefit from your views. As you develop your own footprint in the blogging world and expand your professional brand, you might find that some will come to you for your expert opinion. By giving it, you open up even more doors for employment opportunities.

Some say that the idea of blogging being a benefit to a job search is a moot concept because so many people can do it without a professional background. However, many of the major blogs are written by well-respected, well branded professionals. Why not give it a good try, and see if you can build your name as a brand and improve your executive job search?

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