Why is LinkedIn Important When I Already Have a Resume?

Author: Peggy McKee

There are plenty of people who think that a LinkedIn account replaces traditional methods of job-hunting. While this might work for a few, this is not really the concept that propels the existence of this professional networking site. The purpose of LinkedIn is to provide a means of connecting with other people in the context of career opportunities…that’s why there are groups to join, Q&A sections, and testimonials, no matter what industry you're in.

LinkedIn can be a valuable tool even when a resume is already in place. In fact, these two concepts should be used in conjunction with each other to produce the best results. It is a misconception to think that they are mutually exclusive. One of the ways to view this is to consider the differences and purposes of LinkedIn and resumes.

First, LinkedIn provides a way to establish connections. Your LinkedIn profile is not expected to contain all your work responsibilities and past employment experience. In fact, the best profiles are the ones that contain only the highlights. Just like with other things over the internet, people tend to scan over profiles instead of examining them carefully. Your goal should be to make it easy for them to skim and still catch your best or most unique qualities. It’s a general outline. On the other hand, a resume is more comprehensive and includes references that can be of interest to the company. Although resumes should be no longer than two pages, there is enough space to provide more than just a snapshot.

Also, LinkedIn is important even when there is an existing resume because they are useful in different environments. LinkedIn allows you an additional venue (the internet) in which you can showcase your career accomplishments. Access to it is greater compared to resumes, which should only be sent to a specific set of people—a targeted audience for specific circumstances, like a job opening. In essence, LinkedIn can appear to a larger audience compared to a resume, which should be customized to fit a specific company or position.

Your LinkedIn profile has it’s own purpose, just like your resume, your 30/60/90-day plans, or your brag book. Each document tells different parts of your story in a unique way, and each have an intended use they are best fit for. When they are all honed and polished to a shine, they will combine to give you the best possible results as a candidate, and in your career.

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