Why Can't I Get Hired?

Author: Z. Glass The Job Hunting Expert

"Why can't I get hired in today's economy?" you may ask. Recently, a job seeker stated, "I have been looking for a job for more than a year. I have a great education, and a fairly stable work history. Why are they not hiring me? My response to him might shock you. On ABC news, I stated: "Most interview mistakes are not noticed until it's too late. Truth is- the hiring authority probably just doesn't like YOU."

Throughout my 20 years of helping job seekers of all nationalities and industries throughout the US and abroad, I remain consistent with this statement: If you are being overlooked for many job openings, the majority of the time, it is because of two factors: Either the employer does not know that you exist (because you continue to wait for jobs to post instead of finding unadvertised jobs), or for some reason, the hiring authority simply doesn't like you.

Here is a bit of shocking career advice that most job seekers do not think about: In most cases, people hire who they like! It's your job to get them to see the wonderful person that you really are. It's your job to make it difficult for them to NOT hire you.

One of the best ways to do this is to drown them with the positives by discussing not only your accomplishments, but give clear examples of how you always helped others, and gave 110% to your team members.

Finally, and most importantly, back up your statements with evidence such as rave reviews, employee of the month awards, special recognitions, maximum salary increases, etc.

The problem I notice with most job seekers as I conduct job interview training sessions, is that many do not believe that they are doing something wrong on their job interviews. The problem could be arrogance, your demands, lack of people skills, talking too much, and a host of other factors that you may be unaware of (such as the interviewer believing that you are dishonest, etc.)

Sometimes, factors out of your control can prevent you from getting hired or noticed by the interviewer. Factors such as: obesity, age discrimination, pregnant & job searching, name discrimination, etc., can create major hurdles in your job search, and you must always know how to deal with these forms of hiring discrimination.

It's unfortunate that many hiring authorities do not give job seekers equal opportunities for hire; however, you should never allow anyone to make you feel hopeless because in many cases, there is some things you can change (or perhaps say) to increase your chances of getting the job.

For example, I strongly believe that job seekers should always ask the hiring authority if he/she has any concerns about their ability to do the job. My advice is that you should always ask how you stand up against your competition.

That's right! Carefully, get them to tell you honestly what their concerns may be. There isn't a better way to receive direct feedback (and have an opportunity to respond to that feedback) then when you're having your job interview.

There are several ways to deal with unfair hiring practices to get a fair chance of being hired. It is important to always be humble and receptive to constructive criticism to improve your job interviews and employment search methods.


Zenja Glass, VP of a staffing firm, author of 25 Reasons Why I Won't Hire You! at 25ReasonsWhy.com (featured on MSNBC),and Co-founder of USAManufacturingJobs.com (a national job board).

Occupation: VP of Staffing Firm and Career Author
VP and Author recently featured on ABC news. Over 16 years of experience staffing and coaching job seekers all over the US.

Wrote: 25 Reasons Why I Won't Hire You! What You Did Wrong Before, During and After the Interview -2nd Ed.


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