Which LinkedIn Groups Should I Join?

Author: Peggy McKee

One of the best aspects of LinkedIn is that it allows people to connect with other professionals in specific areas of interest, no matter what your field. LinkedIn Groups are a place for communities to form based on a common experience, goal, or any other characteristic. The idea is to provide a venue where collaboration and support can be encouraged.

There are plenty of LinkedIn groups to choose from…so many that it can be overwhelming to see which groups you should join. To make the task less daunting, a good practice is to see if the group you are interested in is in line with your goals. You shouldn’t simply collect groups. Instead, each group should be chosen carefully and have a purpose that can enhance your professional career.

For example, those who are looking for employment should join groups that are different from business owners. Join reputable groups such as the Executive Suite and Linked: HR, two of the largest LinkedIn communities available. These can provide valuable insights and referrals to benefit you in your search of employment.

For entrepreneurs, groups such as Startup Specialists, Start-Up Phase Forum, and Entrepreneurs Network can be ideal. These groups are essentially communities that can provide support and referrals to those who have made the decision to venture off into their own and have their own business.

When it comes to choosing which groups to join on LinkedIn, it is best to join groups that have a large network. The reason why people should stick to large groups is that they are, more often than not, the ones that have developed a reputable status. They also have the largest available resources. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with smaller groups, you may not be able to have as much access to various contacts.

You join LinkedIn to make contacts, build your network, and learn from others. Groups are one of the best avenues available to accomplish these things. LinkedIn will only work for you if you actively participate.

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