When Should You Start Searching For Your New Job?

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If you are one of those people who do not feel satisfied or do not find any joy in your current job, then it may be a time to move on to a new job. This decision requires a lot of careful planning and thinking. Because of typical circumstances such as conflict with your boss or problems with your colleagues, you may be tempted to hand over your resignation too hastily. However, leaving your current job before planning for the next one is the most irrational thing to do.

Issues That Might Prompt You to Search For the New Job

Most of the time, it is not the actual day-to-day work load that might have encouraged you to search for a better job option elsewhere. You need to identify the exact issue that makes you want to leave your current job. Sometimes it is better to resolve the problems than to search for another job.

- A not-so-good relationship with the boss is one of the most common reasons that employees have for leaving their current job. If your boss or supervising manager is insulting, bullying or crabby, then it is very difficult to change the situation. However, if the situation is bad because of his neglecting attitude towards you, then you can definitely try to discuss the situation with him. You may be feeling out-of-place or neglected because your boss does not involve you in decision-making or does not appreciate your work or encourage you to show your talents. He might not be aware that his behavior is affecting you badly. It is better to discuss the problem with him or the human resources department if you feel uncomfortable talking directly to him.

- Sometimes the reason for searching for a new job is too much work and no immediate chance of promotion. Doing the same kind of work everyday with no promotion in sight makes you bored with the job. You no longer enjoy working for your employer. However, this is not the end of the road. Before applying for another job, take initiative and talk to your employer about your abilities to learn and apply new ideas with better objectives. Your employer might understand your position and offer you better opportunities. Today in the current era of global economic recession, each and every organization is cutting costs by reducing the workforce. Because of this you might sometimes feel overworked, and this may prompt you to search for a new job. If your problem is genuine, your employer might consider hiring someone part-time to reduce your workload.

Apart from the above there are some issues that are difficult to resolve, such as the downward shift of the company's profits and market share, typical problems with colleagues and the boss that cannot be solved or too much stress in the job that is making you unhealthy. You spend so much of time at your job that these problems may harm everything else that you do. Before changing your current job, the most important thing to think about is where the next job stands in comparison with the current job. Whatever the situation, think carefully about all the aspects and what would be best in the long run for you, and only then apply for the new job.
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