Starting A New Career With Excitement

Author: Christopher

Instead of a new career being something dreaded, this should be looked at as a new opportunity, a chance to enjoy an exciting change, a way to learn and meet new people, an avenue that leads to success. While there is always a little bit of anxiety that comes along with a new career, being prepared and choosing the occupation that complements your skills will ensure you end up doing something you excel at but also something you enjoy.

When it comes to a new career, there are right and wrong reasons for wanting to make change. The important thing is to choose a new job based on reasons that are going to support success, not reasons that could put you in a position of failure. For instance, if you work for a company but have a difficult boss, you should consider a different job, not necessarily a different career. If you are not getting deserved recognition, again, it might make more sense to look at a different occupation rather than career. You would not want to start a new career as a means of building a social network, but to succeed in business.

Just as there are times to look at a different type of job rather than a new career, there are also reasons when moving on to a different career opportunity makes perfect sense. As an example, if you are creative, have strong leadership skills, or you are analytically minded, you might want a new career that would allow you to use the skills you possess, not a job that stifles them.

You should also consider looking into a new career if you live in a city where the type of work you want is not available. For instance, California is known for having some of the best IT jobs in the country whereas New York is known for fashion and finance. Simply look at the new career you want and the skills you offer, determining if you need to consider moving to a different part of the country to get what you need. You might even be interested in working in a different occupation if you want less responsibility and fewer hours.

The bottom line is that starting a new career can be a great move, one that would lead to stability, great pay, advancement, and happiness but only if the change is done for all the right reasons. For this reason, it is imperative that you be realistic about expectations and decisions that would need to be made. With this, you have a much better chance of making the right change, ending up in a new career that is everything you wanted and more.

One important note if you are thinking of a new career is that your resume is going to play a key role in you being offered a position or not. Two areas in particular a prospect employee would examine include past employment and education. For your work history, it is important that you not move around too often, even if you are moving up. The reason is that employers become concerned when they see someone staying at a job less than a year, even if it is positive, to the employer, this would be seen as something negative. Therefore, if you want to start a new career, it is vital that you go through a planning process to eliminate job-hopping from occurring.

Then for education, if you have gone through a self-assessment, talked to a professional career counselor, looked at a number of career opportunities, or even completed an internship, use this to your advantage. You should have gained insight into the type of training, education, or certification the new career would require. Rather than wait, while still employed, we recommend you get the education needed so when employers go over your resume, they will be impressed enough to hire you, making it possible for you to begin your new career with full confidence.
James Copper is a writer NCS Career Search which is a division of New Career Skills

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