Some Really Useful Tips on Securing Seasonal Employment

Author: Samantha Pearce

For some people seasonal work is ideal. If you want to work for just part of the year, for what ever reason, then seasonal employment is what you need.

The first thing you should do is to find out the range of jobs that is on offer at the time of year that you require work. For instance if you wish to work during the winter months then there are almost certain to be opportunities in the retail trade, where the build up to Christmas and the January sales means that there is always a need for extra staff. There are also opportunities to work abroad in a ski resort for example where the local workforce is unable to cope with the influx of winter holiday makers.

During the summer months there are likely to be a number of opportunities for seasonal jobs in the travel and leisure industries. Travel companies take on staff to act as holiday reps or to do hotel work. This will generally extend from the beginning of May to the end of September, covering the whole summer holiday period. If you require a shorter period of time, then fruit picking lasts for two to six weeks for example. These are just some examples of seasonal work, there are many others.

You should be prepared to work long hours. Many seasonal jobs are intensive and demanding because employers need to maximise the limited period of time they have in order to be profitable.

You should be prepared to travel and work away from home. This may not be necessary but to secure the kind of work you really want to do, then it may be essential.

You should also be flexible. Your employer may want you to do a range of tasks and not just one particular thing.

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