Online Career Opportunities: Alex's Story

Author: Bette Miles-Holleman

While some people are busy searching want ads, sending out résumés and hoping to set up interviews, Alex Beattie has taken matters into his own hands. The 36 year old musician/blogger is about to launch his own web design studio, and make the move from the East to West Coast to start his new life.

Alex had been unemployed for about 3 months before making the decision to strike out on his own. “When looking for a job, it was very difficult. Mainly because I felt as if I wasn't going to be paid enough. I did send out a lot of résumés, but the opportunities were slim to none. The employers seemed to be more into exploiting my skills, as opposed to a mutually beneficial opportunity.”

While making the decision to start his online business, Alex took some time out to educate himself about web design. “I wanted to expand my knowledge…before I was to start marketing myself to clients and/or employers. It is not in my cards to work for someone. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and after the recent recession, I now know why.”

Opportunities abound online, and many people have turned to the internet to market their talent, as well as reach out to others. Some people start by simply blogging about their products and services, which generates a following of like minded, repeat customers. All with very little cost of time or money to the business owner. Most blogging formats, such as WordPress or Blogger, are free, easy to set up and use. Domain names are cheap, so buy one, set up a blog, and just do it.

For those considering a business venture of their own, Alex shared this advice: “Develop skills that you enjoy and others don't have. Use those skills to leverage yourself online. Online is where it is at. Anything and every interaction online can be used to help you make money.”

Wise words, indeed.

Bette Miles-Holleman is a retail merchandiser, customer service analyst, model and stylist with over 25 years experience in the fashion industry.

She is also a wife, home school mom of 5, and a Squidoo evangelist.

In her spare time, Bette writes, knits, teaches, cooks, sings, lives and loves on the West Coast of the USA.

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