It is LinkedIn, Not Linked In. Are You On It?

strong>Author: Peggy McKee

What a difference a space makes. LinkedIn is vastly different from Linked In, which implies that it is something that you just plug into. That’s definitely not what LinkedIn is all about. Instead, this particular site is a powerful networking tool that allows people to get in touch with other professionals from around the world. It necessitates a proactive stance rather than a passive one.

LinkedIn is a networking tool that requires the cultivation of relationships in order to be effective. Making a profile does not mean that you get to sit back and relax. You have to work at creating an impression for other people and thus create more business or employment opportunities for yourself. You must continually update your profile, actively create connections, join online groups, and provide recommendations for others. In other words, you must participate.

A word of caution: LinkedIn should not be used as a spamming tool. It has tools that flag those who are prone to spamming and it will diminish your chances of getting results. Instead, LinkedIn can be loosely compared to the way the cold call process works. You get in touch with the company in the hopes that they entertain your proposal. The opportunity can swing in two different ways: success or rejection. One way to increase the chances of getting noticed is by customizing the spiel that you have when you reach out in order to build rapport.

Bottom line: make sure that you engage in LinkedIn in a manner that goes beyond simply creating a profile. Try participating in discussions and answering questions other people may have posted in the groups. Being on LinkedIn means that you are willing to be a part of a community so act accordingly. You’re networking. Just like in the real world, online networking is a two-way street. You have to give in order to get.

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