Tips For A Successful Job Interview- How Good Preparation Can Make All The Difference

By: Roland Poitevin

Before landing that dream job, there are two important "wells" to jump over - one is getting the interview call (this happens when your resume passes) and second is succeeding in the interview. The interview is an opportunity that is given to a candidate to show case his technical skills/soft skills/ experience/ knowledge and to prove that he/ she fits the role and can be an asset to the company.

In an interview you are likely to be tested on technical ability and personal traits. For instance if you are being considered for a software programmer role in Java, you might have a test or technical interview to test your knowledge of Java. In a personal interview you are likely to be tested for your communication skills, your overall attitude, leadership qualities etc. Only when a candidate is found to possess the right mix of technical and personal skills can he expect to land a job.

Therefore it is important for you to hone up on all aspects of your personality before the interview date. You would do well to list out all your work experience in your mind and be prepared to talk about them in brief or in detail - as the interview warrants. A positive attitude with the right amount of confidence and enthusiasm can work wonders in your favour.

Know more about the company you want to work for - at least basic, overall details. It will also be advantageous to gather more information about the role for which you are being considered and talk about your skills in that direction. You can also state how much your experience fits their bill. You should remember that right through the interview it is good remain merely enthusiastic and matter of fact - never to be pushy and over sell.

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