Five Things You Must Do Whether Working or Unemployed

Author: Gordon Walter

Our society is made up of two groups of people: those with jobs and those without. Many people with jobs are greatly over-worked, and those without a job are struggling to find one. It is common practice in many organizations for employees to work much more than 40 hours per week. Many people never get around to taking vacation. They work at their job until they’re physically spent. Because they feel needed or fear job loss in this economy, they are motivated to overwork. Those without the routine of day-to-day work outside the home may struggle to maintain focus and a direction.

Here are several key actions that are vital to the ultimate success of people in each group:

1. Get in shape.
It is critical for many reasons to care for your self physically. To find new work or fully enjoy your current job for the long term, your schedule and hours must include some time for allowing you to stay physically fit. See your doctor and agree on an exercise plan aligned with your age and build.

2. Get fit financially.
Smart athletes manage their money well and invest wisely during their years of high-earning potential so that they can maintain their standard of living when they retire from the game. Financial fitness is less about income than outgo. To be financially fit, focus on what you keep as well as what you earn. Get some outside help to put your financial house in order. Keep your eye on what’s happening in the world and how that might affect investments. No matter the size of your income, you need to educate yourself about financial matters: personal net worth, insurance, estate planning and wills, and investing. Read, listen to financial TV, and stay current on laws and regulations affecting you. The more finances are in check, the less stress and better your fiscal future.

3. Keep learning.
Continuous learning has many benefits. In our culture, access to learning is everywhere and need not cost a lot. You can read, take a class, study online to learn a new skill, pursue a hobby, or attend lectures. Intellectual growth deepens your expertise and broadens opportunities.

4. Maintain social skills.
When work overtakes all social activity, quality of life suffers. Inevitably, work friends talk about work. Stress from work spills over into conversations so that you can’t get away work, even after hours. You need friends involved in other pursuits and interests who can offer different perspectives.

5. Keep your resume current.
People currently working might need a resume at a moments notice. An internal job may open or a position of interest elsewhere becomes available. Professional resumes must be carefully written, and every word used for maximum impact.

To the extent that you stay fit physically and financially, continue to learn, maintain good social connections, and have a good professional resume, you improve the quality of life and chance of success whether currently employed or not.

Gordon Walter is a professional resume maker / Resume writer with Reliable Resumes. Reliable Resumes is a Resume Service providing resume writing services for Professional Resumes and Executive Resumes. The article is available at:

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