Creating a Great First Impression

Author: Jessica

Interview is the resulting step of your life which can evaluate your merit. There are many resume tips for writing professional resume and even tips are available to prepare your interview questions and answers. But, the most important part of the interview is “first impression”


Take care that you fulfill the eligibility criterion of the post you are applying for.


Language, dress and demonstration are main presentational issues.

Respectful, straight forward and precise conversation impresses your interviewer. Unnecessary usage of heavy phrases or too brief answers hurt your communicational reflection.

Comfortable, neat and clean and formal dress reflects your sensibility towards the career.

Good texture, sober color and well covered dress add positive points to your first impression.

Accessories like wrist watch, proper shoes and matching briefcase helps you to develop a good appearance.

Body Language speaks louder than words. Gestures, postures, facial expressions, eye contact etc. helps the interviewer judge your personality. Your body language is judged by the way you enter, sitting posture, eye contact while answering the questions, way of shaking hands and leaving the interview hall. In some reputed firms, they arrange video cameras in the entrance to judge the confidence of the candidates. Even the chair you choose to sit to on reflects your attitude. Shivering body shows lack of confidence and relaxed sitting posture with spread feet shows your arrogant nature.

Same thing is applicable to your hand shake. Eye- contact shows your confidence while answering. People staring at walls or gazing in space are considered as irrational or frightened to face the situation. Some candidates have habit of looking into wristwatch again and again which shows their restlessness.


Etiquettes are behavioral rules you must follow in every social event. Interviewers mark

Your manners speak about your social status. Punctuality, permissions for entry and exit, wishing according to the situation, obligations for mistakes (wrong answers or blank replies)

Express gratitude before leaving are some etiquettes you must follow in all situations.

When you present your file of documents, open it and circulate it to all committee members. This shows your concern towards all of them and alertness.

These are few tips to build your first impression. Remember, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

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