The Correct Way To Find a New Career

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When it comes time to find a new career, there is a wrong and right way. People change careers all the time for one reason or another. It could be the existing employer does not offer advancement opportunities, income is not sufficient, the company may be going through a period of downsizing or even closing altogether, or perhaps you are simply tired of doing the same thing day after day. Regardless of the reason for considering a new career, you will be far more successful by going about the process in a productive and effective way.

There is an old saying for people that want to find a new career - "if possible, work from a position of power". That saying means two things - first, look for new options while still being employed and second, make preparations so the company or industry interested in working for would look at your resume and recognize that you offer skills needed. With this in mind, we want to recommend some specific tips so your new venture is successful and stress free.

- Analyze a Current Position - The worst thing you could do is move from one job to another, only to discover you ended up in the same or worse situation. To ensure this never happens, you need to analyze your current position, looking at responsibilities that you like and dislike. With this knowledge, you could then find a new career that would be different - more challenging but also rewarding.

- Match New Career with Abilities - You will find a number of excellent career assessment tests online that can be used to guide you to the type of industry in which you would be best suited. These tests would consider your current skills, as well as aptitude and determine the right fit. If you find that you do not possess required skills for the type of industry you want to enter, then you would have a good idea as to education needed to reach your ultimate goal.

- Take Time to Research - Interestingly, many people discover hundreds of new career possibilities that they never knew existed. For this reason, instead of assume you know the field you want, spend time researching all options. As you look at various industries, think of your skills, those you currently possess and skills you could acquire through education, as well as your passions. You may be surprised to find a new career out there that would have otherwise never been considered.

- National and International Jobs - If you were in a position to work in another country, then along with looking at a new career on a national level, broaden your search to consider international opportunities as well. Some careers, such as those working with computers, have openings all over the world so if this sounds appealing, you might want to look globally.

- Current Skill Set - Remember, your new career is going to need many of your current skills, such as communication, organization, leadership, planning, and so on, so as you look around at other opportunities, you will find that you have many qualifications that would help you slip into many positions with ease.

- Education, Training, and Certification - As mentioned, if you want to advance and secure a new career in an industry and/or company that you are seriously interested in, expect that you will need to go through some type of education, training, or certification. With this, you broaden the scope of work you would be qualified to perform.

- Look Outside the Box - While you might be interested in a new career within the company where you already work, take this time to consider outsider employers. Sometimes, an employer becomes comfortable in having a competent employee in a particular position, knowing the work is done and done right. While this is good for the company, unfortunately, it is bad for the employee. Therefore, unless a great opening becomes available, look at other options.
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