Cities for Young Professionals

Author: Paula Atwell

Are you a young professional looking for a job and trying to decide where to live? Young professionals are defined as new college graduates and those that have 10 or fewer years competed in their lifelong careers.

With the economy still in crisis, one of the best ways to find a new job or new career is to relocate to a city where jobs are more plentiful and there is more growth potential for you. Relocation is a big step though, so it is important to research where you are going, and make sure that the location you choose is the right place for your career. As a young professional, you will want to live in a city that pays young adults higher salaries than the rest of America pays, a city which the most opportunities exist for new business, and that are also home to large numbers and proportions of young individuals. The city should be a location where you can feel at home because you will most likely be living there for at least 5 to 10 years.
According to several sources, the best cities for young professionals to start careers are New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Denver. These cities each have specialty career areas, and by doing some research, you can find the right city that will best suit your needs for both career and entertainment. Because, don’t forget, you need to work and have fun to live.

If you are currently working in your career in another location, many companies will pay part or all of your moving expenses to bring you to their company. Some will even help you sell your house. Be sure to inquire when you learn about career benefits in the job interviews.

Paula Atwell (aka lakeerieartists) is the owner of a small local gallery in Cleveland, Ohio -- Lake Erie Artists Gallery -- as well as a jewelry artist herself. Paula writes articles for Squidoo, Hubpages, and several other websites.

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