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Author: Nell T

You might be familiar with the layouts of resumes for job positions that are done in brick and mortar buildings. Telecommuting job resume layouts are much the same as the others, but there are some things that should be done differently. The focus should take on a slightly different path.

Author: Isiah Bond

How many people do you think apply for each of the jobs that you see listed online or in the newspaper? Every single one of those jobs is going to get at least a few hundred applicants, I am serious! That is why you need to make sure that your resume is one of a kind, that your resume is so fantastic that the employer is going to be driven to read it all the way through.

Author: Lester Best

People put a lot of thought into changing careers. After all, it is one of the more important decisions one can make. We have to consider our families, our living and financial situations, our competitive advantage in the new field, etc. Making a career change typically means starting with a blank canvas; while you have the freedom to paint that canvas any which way you wish, you have to invest time, energy, make sacrifices and prove yourself as a credible professional in your new field.

Author: Allan Tan

Verbs are a very important part of the human language. They describe things you are doing, will do, or have done. SO, it’s not hard to understand that when talking about your skills, verbs are crucial. On a resume, you want to communicate your experience, or what you have done, and you want to show that you will use those skills if you are hired for a new position.

Author: Candace

Though your résumé may look spot on and demonstrate that you have the right type of experience and education, upon closer inspection a potential employer may see that there are gaps between your positions. Short spaces of time (i.e. one to three months) are explainable; usually it takes awhile to find a new job or relocate for your new position. However, it is the larger gaps of time or the re-occurrence of large gaps that worry employers. They wonder if you are reliable or just a job hopper; if you have numerous jobs that you only spent a few months at, then they would classify you as a job hopper.

If you might be considered a “job hopper” it may be a good idea to leave some of your shorter terms out of your résumé.

Author: Kris Varma

Resumes are the most significant asset or the biggest liability for a candidate. Being the most important document ever written about a candidate, it is surprising how little time and thought is used in creating resumes.

Author: John Dyer

When you submit your resume by email, your email message serves as the cover letter. Make the most of this online format for your job search.

Most people are used to dashing off informal emails that are quickly written and sent without much thought. Unfortunately, they treat their email cover letters the same way. That translates to an unprofessional, too casual, even sloppy opening to a resume.


A web developer who has recently completed an internship or has decided to explore a different avenue of the web design world more importantly needs to be able to show future employers their skills. The best way to do so is by creating a superb web resume.

Author: Alex A

95% of resumes are bad as stated by HR specialists. But that doesn’t mean that 95% of candidates are bad professionals anyway, it only means that their resumes are poorly written. Read the most common errors that are made in resumes over and over again and find out how to translate your qualifications and experience into an excellent resume.

Mistake #1.
Duties instead of accomplishments.

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