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Author: Sarika Kabra

There are many different kinds and examples of resumes, such as the chronological resume, the functional resume, a combination resume etc. Free resume samples of each of these can be obtained from the internet.

By: David LeAche

The resume cover letter is your all important foot in the door.

Whenever you send in a full resume for a position, it should always be accompanied by a covering letter. This brief introductory letter needs to establish that you are a qualified candidate and that it would be in the employers best interest to continue further, read your full resume and consider you for the first interview.

Author: Nell Taliercio

You have your resume completed and you want to get a cover letter developed to send along with it. Should you use the same one you used for past onsite jobs? The answer would be no.

Onsite jobs are different than telecommuting jobs. Not only do you not commute to work for a telecommuting position, but employers are also looking for slightly different things from a person who will work from home.

Author: Allan Tan

In this exercise, we are going to go through step-by-step instructions on how to create a resume. At the end of the post, you will find sample resumes available for download.

Author: Brad Remillard

Leveraging the social networks is a great search strategy tactic. Facebook and LinkedIn are both vital to one’s ability to be found by recruiters, HR, hiring managers, PE firms, or for that matter anyone looking to find you, or someone with your experiences. However, a big one that is often overlooked by many candidates is Google.

Author: Candace

One of the hardest decisions you will probably encounter during your professional career is either a change in position or a change in occupation. Many people think the safe decision is to stay in your current job or line of work, which is the place where you know what to expect and where you feel secure. On the other hand, many feel they will have no idea what to expect if they secure a new position. The whole process can be very intimidating, making it a difficult choice and for this reason many procrastinate.

Author: Jennifer Anthony — Nationally Published Resume Expert & Career Strategist

How many times has this happened? You see that perfect position so you put together a resume and send it off with the hopes of getting a call back for an interview. You wait and wait but no one calls so you scratch your head and wonder what you could have done better. Your well-intentioned friends or family members may try to convince you to believe that the position was already filled or that the company hired internally. Although these scenarios are viable possibilities, it's more likely that your resume simply does not reflect what employers want.

Author: Lester Best
Being self-employed comes with many challenges - determining your niche, finding clients, having adequate insurance, hiring additional help, etc. To succeed as a freelancer, contractor, or a new business owner, you have to have determination, passion and patience, much of the same characteristics you need to successfully hunt for a new job. So why is self-employment on a resume a concern for your potential employer?

Author: Lester Best

A career objective, often listed as objective only on your resume, is a statement of your career goals. It sounds simple - you want to get a good job, utilize your experience and education, and get paid well. However, this is the most difficult part of the resume to compose, as you are limited to one to two sentences in which you are expected to convey your professional expertise, expectations from a job and an organization, as well as goals for your professional growth.

Author: Mike Kelley

A perfect CV and cover letter is what distinguishes a successful job applicant from others. In today's competitive job market, it is the best way to sell your potential to the possible employer. You may have more potential than other candidates so it is important that you demonstrate your suitability to the job vacancy in an appropriate and efficient manner. A perfect CV with an equally complimenting cover letter can do this for you.

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