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Author: rutheralan

Nowadays lots of people are out of work and there are those who have not even tried to apply for a job. If you are one of those, you are probably unsure on how to make a good resume that would surely land you the position you desire. In writing your resume, make sure that it is tailored for the position you are applying for. Hence, you should know that there are different styles in writing it and one of those styles is the professional one.

Author: Heather Eagar

When submitting your resume to a company for employment consideration, it’s become almost a rule to do so over the Internet. Some companies won't even look at a resume at all if it's submitted any other way, as Internet received resumes can be more easily cataloged and searched.

By: John Stronack

Going through job applications is a tedious process. With that in mind, you need to do all that is within your power to grab the attention of the person who will screen your resume.

Author: Robt Barlow

Let's just face it: the job market can be a very tough place to compete in. In order to survive in today's job market, people often resort to artificially "inflating" their resumes with little "white lies". Chances are, you're also thinking of doing the same.

Well, as tempting as it may be, you do NOT want to risk lying on your resume.

Author: Anish Majumdar, CPRW

You’ve created a resume, submitted to more jobs than you can remember, but the interviews aren’t coming. What gives? Recruiters/hiring managers look for certain key elements in every resume. If your resume is missing 1 or more of the following, it’s time for a re-write:

1) A Clear Focus On The Type Of Position You’re Seeking.

Author: Anish Majumdar, CPRW

Certain elements on resumes have either been so overused, or are so meaningless in the eyes of recruiters/hiring managers that just having them can be grounds for automatic rejection. Look over the 4 following “frequent offenders”. If your resume has 1 or more of these, it’s time for a re-write:


Author: Josiah Walter

For some reason, writing a description of ourselves and our life achievements is a difficult task. It is easy enough to recount our life to others, yet when it involves describing it with the aim of securing a job; suddenly the words to describe our talents escape us. Thus, the process of resume writing begins.

Author: RedStarResume

How many times have you picked up a magazine while waiting for an appointment and flipped through the hundreds of pages of articles? How long did it take you to decide whether or not to turn the page? Studies show that most people make this decision in less than 5 seconds.

Author: Brad Remillard

I circulated a search that I was working on for a VP Contract Manufacturing and Supply Chain. The total ad was about 6 sentences. In the ad, contract manufacturing appeared 7 times and supply chain appeared 6 times.

Just curious, what KEY WORDS do you think I’m looking for on your resume?

Author: Heather Eagar

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