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By: Sarika Kabra

So you’ve never compiled or written a resume and so have no experience at what goes into one. You are also not sure that you need a resume in the first place, or why, if at all, you need one. You’ve probably seen some resume samples and frankly you think it is extra work that you can do without.

Author: Landon Long

Before, job seekers were permitted to use the same cover letter for every industry they applied to.However, at present, hiring managers are much stricter. To get noticed, you should make a creative and informative cover letter. Writing a goor letter takes a lot of time and effort but then, if you know the key elements, you can effectively write a cover letter that will make the employer look at your resume and possibly call you for an interview.

Author: Landon Long

In a pile of resumes at least ten will be asked for a job interview and most often only one will be hired. Employers do not just pick and choose at random the candidates they want to interview and the candidates who don’t get to be so lucky, the key to an interview lies in your cover letter for the job application. A good letter can be the key to many opportunities in your search for the perfect job.

By: Bruce Blackwell

If you’re looking to make a big change in your career – changing industries, applying for different types of positions than you’ve previously held, etc., you need to adjust more than your resume. An impressive career change cover letter can make the difference between getting called in for an interview or getting lumped in with the “do not call” list. To help you along your way, here are four tips for writing a career change cover letter that will wow your future employers:

Author: Sandbox Advisors

A common concern when hiring a candidate is whether the applicant has told the truth about various aspects of their background. It is not unlikely for applicants to feel that they are more likely to get the job if they distort their age, cover-up gaps in their work history and claim to have educational qualifications they do not actually have.

Author: Heather Eagar

When you begin to look for a new job, it's imperative to update your resume with exciting and valid new information. Most likely you were able to gain a great deal of experience in your latest position, so you should have plenty to add to your resume.

Author: Amit Puri

We asked a few recruiters what they like and what their pet peeves are, when it comes to resumes. Here's what they had to say.

What they look for in a resume:

"It has to do with whether the person has progressive career development along the way. Is there career growth, what type of projects and assignments did they handle. Will they fit the job they are applying for"

Author: Sarika Kabra

Someone who is a fresh graduate will obviously have a different kind of requirement for what to put in a resume and indeed could still be wondering how to write a resume. Free sample resumes are available for all purposes, including for fresh graduates and as people just entering the work force they would be required to place emphasis on different features than would other seasoned professionals.

Author: Lisa M. Newman

Did you wear clothes to your last job interview? Silly question, right? As unthinkable as it would be to arrive nude to an interview, you are essentially committing the same faux pas when you send your resume to a potential employer unaccompanied by a well-written cover letter.

Three Indisputable Truths About Cover Letters

Author: Sarika Kabra

We all probably know that the resume formats that we send out are what will make or break the professional relationship that we want to create with a potential employer. Even before you have actually met a person, the sample resume could be the reason that you either do or do not get that all important interview call. There are certain words, phrases and writing styles that you would do well to avoid using in your resume sample:

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