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Author: Andrea

Is common courtesy essential in the interview process? Do manners matter? The obvious answer is yes. Yet recently, I have witnessed a number of candidates that seem to think otherwise. Despite the economic climate candidates are still no-showing interviews, blowing off client requested tests and not returning calls. I am left wondering….do candidates really think this is acceptable?

Author: Brad Remillard

After an interview, sending a “Thank You” letter is common etiquette and a nice thing to do, but saying “thank you” should not be the main reason for sending it. Most candidates send one after interviewing with a company, but as a recruiter, I rarely receive one. I personally don’t need one, but on the occasions when I have received one, I think the candidate misses a great opportunity by just saying, “Thank you for the interview.”

Author: Brad Remillard

Great question. Probably an obvious answer.

The easy answer is, you probably aren’t perfect for the job, at least from the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s perspective. Now that doesn’t mean you aren’t perfect. It may mean you didn’t communicate effectively as to demonstrate just how perfect you are. So you get screened out.

Author: Brad Remillard

First impressions are so important in the initial meeting that one would not be too far off base if they argued the most important part of the interview.

Author: Deborah Walker

If you are currently in a job search chances are you've been asked that question already. Undoubtedly, it is the most feared interview question, but one of the most common. It pays to be ready to answer it. helps to understand that the question is an invitation for you to sell yourself. This is a good thing. No one is going to hire you until they have been sold on you. This is your chance to state your value to the prospective employer.

Author: James J. Malervy, II
A phone interview tip that many people don’t do is smile. It is a very funny thing, that when smiling, people’s attitudes can be felt through the phone. During a phone interview, do not think that just because you are not sitting in front of anybody that it doesn’t mean that smiling and other encouraging body gestures aren’t important. One of the best tips that I have ever received was to smile and stay positive during a phone interview. In reality, a lot of people like to talk with their hands. If this is you, you may want to consider a telephone hands free set so that it frees up your hands.

Author: Stephen

Every time a company advertises for a job opening, hundreds if not thousands of job seekers forward their applications. It therefore goes to show, in order for you to stand out from other job applicants there are some aspects you have to seriously take into account.

Author: Stephen

The competition for the limited jobs available has become quite high and the current economic hardships have also contributed greatly to this phenomenon. Therefore, as a job seeker you should know what you need to equip yourself with to attract the attention of your prospective employer.

Author: Heather Eagar

Most people are pretty nervous when preparing for an interview, whether it’s their first or 51st time. However there are some individuals who are beyond nervous when interview time rolls around – they’re flat out fearful. It may be that they’re extremely shy, have inherent “stage fright,” or are just afraid of facing someone perceived to be an authority figure.

Author: Stephen

Are you wondering why you do not seem to land that job yet your resume is very convincing? Though some things are not mentioned but they really matter when it comes to interviews, I love calling them the unwritten laws. Carefully observe the dress code of most organizations and you will discover that each company has its own mode of dressing.

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