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Author: Christopher

When it comes time to find a new career, there is a wrong and right way. People change careers all the time for one reason or another. It could be the existing employer does not offer advancement opportunities, income is not sufficient, the company may be going through a period of downsizing or even closing altogether, or perhaps you are simply tired of doing the same thing day after day.

By: Lenny Keitel

When crafting a resume, it's easy to "sell yourself short" by omitting vital skills and expertise that employers are seeking. Your abilities are highly "portable" and unquestionably relevant to many new market segments. It's essential that prospective employers are fully aware of your qualifications and inspired by your versatility and talent. Your abilities however, will not get you a job if no one knows you have them!

Author: Z. Glass The Job Hunting Expert

"Why can't I get hired in today's economy?" you may ask. Recently, a job seeker stated, "I have been looking for a job for more than a year. I have a great education, and a fairly stable work history. Why are they not hiring me? My response to him might shock you. On ABC news, I stated: "Most interview mistakes are not noticed until it's too late. Truth is- the hiring authority probably just doesn't like YOU."

Author: J Strange

Having trouble finding the right job? Try searching through an employment agency. It may have exactly what you're looking for. An employment agency provides an invaluable service to both job seekers and employers. Since many businesses use the services offered by an employment agency, their jobs are only available to job seekers who are using the same agency as well.

Author: fortunbuds

As most of us know, examples of traditional jobsearch methods include finding employment opportunities through newspapers, and job fairs. Aside from traditional methods, another method is becoming popular among job hunters. This method is the online job search. By using the Internet as a medium in finding career opportunities, people visit numerous websites called job boards where a wide range of prospective career opportunities can be found.

Author: CleanerLife

Are you unemployed?

Perhaps you've made up your mind that it is time for you to leave your existing job.

Whatever your reason, if you are preparing to get started with searching for a new job, don't be in too much of a hurry to start applying. There are certain things you should do before you begin.

Author: Bette Miles-Holleman

While some people are busy searching want ads, sending out résumés and hoping to set up interviews, Alex Beattie has taken matters into his own hands. The 36 year old musician/blogger is about to launch his own web design studio, and make the move from the East to West Coast to start his new life.

Author: Bette Miles-Holleman

Single parents, with or without college degrees, have a particularly difficult time juggling work and family responsibilities. Throw unemployment into the mix, and things get crazy.

Anne Heerdt, a 43 year old mother of three, teacher and retail sales associate, has been looking for full time job in her career field for over three years.

Author: Bette Miles-Holleman

What would you say to someone who offered you a chance to pick the brain of a corporate VP about the current job market? Would you jump at the chance? Well it’s your lucky day, so go ahead, read on.

Author: Bette Miles-Holleman

Career development is broken into two sub categories: organizational development and personal development.

Organizational development deals with how a person manages their career while employed or in between jobs, and personal development details a person’s career pattern, decision making skills and ability to integrate their life roles with their career choices.

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