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Author: RL Stevens
Though recent labor statistics about the country's unemployment are frightening, they are potentially great news for the job searcher who can courageously tunnel deeply where competitors fear to tread. If you're currently unemployed, a solution to the unemployment blues is to run a job search differently from other job seekers. Go toward the challenge instead of running away.

Author: Josiah Walter

I'm sure we've all seen the ads: "Earn $1000's weekly stuffing envelopes from home!" Have you ever been tempted to send in your money for that one? I have. Luckily I didn't do it, but I know many people have. It sounds so great, doesn't it? Sit at home watching television while stuffing hundreds of envelopes, and get a nice check every week. If only such a job existed! Don't fool yourself, it doesn't. Why?

Author: Isiah Bond

One thing I constantly see from "newbies" to the work at home world is, "I'm so confused, I don't know where to start!" It's true, there is so much information out there, and not all of it good. Scams are mixed right in with legitimate business opportunities and jobs.

Here is a very simple way to decide on a direction if you are looking for a work at home job or business.

Author: Brad Remillard

I get this all the time from candidates I’m working with in our job search coaching program. It usually starts with, “The holidays are here and nobody is hiring during this period.” or “Why look now? I will wait until the new year. It is time for a break.”

As succinctly as my mild manner can put it, DUMB MOVE. Sorry to yell, but that is what this attitude is. So let’s call it dumb.

Author: Christopher

If you are one of those people who do not feel satisfied or do not find any joy in your current job, then it may be a time to move on to a new job. This decision requires a lot of careful planning and thinking. Because of typical circumstances such as conflict with your boss or problems with your colleagues, you may be tempted to hand over your resignation too hastily. However, leaving your current job before planning for the next one is the most irrational thing to do.

Author: Robt Barlow

Being unemployed can take a major toll on your self-esteem, your financial situation, and your desire. If prolonged, it can also have a negative impact on your competency level (i.e., keeping up with skills, experience and attributes that are in demand in the job market). But don't get down on yourself. As you look for a new job, you need to understand that there are thousands of others who are also unemployed and looking for a job.

Author: Theodore Odeluga

It’s not certain how the global market will recover in the aftermath of current conditions but the good news is that there’s a multitude of ways to be more creative in your job search. In this article, I’m going to make some suggestions that involve ideas the reader may have thought of and others which are relatively new. Admittedly, much of the information here will be focused on the United Kingdom but these ideas can be used anywhere in the world.

Author: Gordon Walter

Our society is made up of two groups of people: those with jobs and those without. Many people with jobs are greatly over-worked, and those without a job are struggling to find one. It is common practice in many organizations for employees to work much more than 40 hours per week. Many people never get around to taking vacation. They work at their job until they’re physically spent. Because they feel needed or fear job loss in this economy, they are motivated to overwork.

Author: Mia Phillips

A true explosion of online jobs characterizes business activities coordinated on the world wide web. A list of most advantageous or lucrative online jobs should include SEO experts, marketing consultants, web designers, graphic designers, IT specialists, photographers and independent advertisers. The profits made by professionals with these career qualifications are incredible, going higher than $100,000 per year in lots of cases.

Author: Isiah Bond

Being a freelancer is a tough job for anyone. Whether you are a writer or a web designer you know that the competition is fierce and you must always be on the look out for more jobs when working on one. This is part of the course when freelancing. Most often there is no stability or guarantee when freelance is involved.

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