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In today’s fast-paced life, many of us take a sabbatical from work for various reasons and some of us unwittingly get into a job hop cycle, while searching for the right job opportunity. Though you may have perfectly understandable reasons, a resume with work gaps or quick job hops sets the alarm bells ringing for a recruiter. So what can you do if you are caught in such a situation. Here are some tips on how best to handle the situation.

Author: Gordon Walter
In this economy and with many people to choose from, it can be a close call between finalists in awarding the job. Sometimes the final decision on selecting one candidate versus another can sometimes be based upon relatively minor points. One person was a little better and it made the difference between who got the job. Following are some more behaviors that are time-tested and can give you the edge in successfully winning the job search game.

Author: Brad Remillard

I have written more articles than I care to count. All with the intent to help people with their job search.This is probably the most important article I have written or may write.

Author: Brad Remillard

9.8% unemployment is the national average. For many states, it is even higher than 9.8%. I live in California and the number has hit double digits. This is true for many other states as well. Regardless of the rate, anyone actively in a job search knows these are difficult times. There is hope, and I believe opportunity, for many of those looking.

Author: Ev Nucci

With twenty percent unemployment (never follow government reports) if you follow everyone else in terms of obtaining employment, what's your likelihood of success? Probably slim to none right?

So why wouldn't you pursue the road less traveled, the road most people see as harder or more challenging? Think about whom you would hire. The top three things the top recruits have done that were unemployed:

Author: Maria Norton

Career choices for retirees are as varied as the retirees that are seeking them. Whether you are seeking a new career because you need the money or because you are simply interested in pursuing something new, you can find the kind of career that you want in order to help you enjoy your retirement.

Author: Kellie

The clichéd phrase ‘It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know’ is as old and overused as the day is long. But it’s clichéd for a reason. No man is an island, to coin another oft used maxim, and whatever our experience or skill set, we need others to help us along the way.

Author: Roger M. Ingbretsen

The “knowledge age” and the new workplace demands the following; creative skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, strong interpersonal skills, computer skills, and the ability to quickly react and adapt to change. These skills have not been embedded in our current education system. The American education system is still finding it hard to make the change from the “industrial age” to the “knowledge age.” Our education system is preparing students for a work culture that no longer exists. Very few low skills, non-thinking jobs are out there.

Author: Lorna Gill

In order to be successful, any business or organisation must be well structured and mechanical to ensure targets are achieved and growth continues. Business relies on assessment of past trends and making accurate forecasts for the future in order to guarantee security.

Author: Brad Remillard

I was reading a golf magazine recently and a particular article caught my attention. It was about what one of the top pros on the PGA tour does when he gets stalled or in a slump. He simply goes back to basics. He goes back to when he first started playing golf to review if one of the 4 basics of golf have changed. He indicated most of the time this fixes the problem.

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