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Author: Samantha Pearce

For some people seasonal work is ideal. If you want to work for just part of the year, for what ever reason, then seasonal employment is what you need.

Author: jon richards

There are more and more people wanting to work for a business that makes a difference in the world, rather than the ‘greedy’ large corporations we have so many of. A lot of the celebrities become ambassadors for charities and this encourages the public to follow suit also. Looking after those less fortunate than ourselves brings an additional ‘feel good’ factor towards the job role.

Author: agape12

The web is gradually becoming the easiest medium of advertising job openings. In the same vein it is now one of the quickest and easiest tool that help job seekers around the world to find their dream job.

strong>Author: Peggy McKee

What a difference a space makes. LinkedIn is vastly different from Linked In, which implies that it is something that you just plug into. That’s definitely not what LinkedIn is all about. Instead, this particular site is a powerful networking tool that allows people to get in touch with other professionals from around the world. It necessitates a proactive stance rather than a passive one.

Author: Peggy McKee

There are plenty of people who think that a LinkedIn account replaces traditional methods of job-hunting. While this might work for a few, this is not really the concept that propels the existence of this professional networking site. The purpose of LinkedIn is to provide a means of connecting with other people in the context of career opportunities…that’s why there are groups to join, Q&A sections, and testimonials, no matter what industry you're in.

Author: Peggy McKee

One of the best aspects of LinkedIn is that it allows people to connect with other professionals in specific areas of interest, no matter what your field. LinkedIn Groups are a place for communities to form based on a common experience, goal, or any other characteristic. The idea is to provide a venue where collaboration and support can be encouraged.

Author: Heather Eagar

Searching for a job can be an extremely draining experience. At first, it seems simple to develop a cover letter and update your resume, but when a job search wears on, you can get pretty worn down. When a job search lasts for more than a month or two, this can become exceptionally true.

Author: Christopher
If you are just starting out, or an experienced professional wanting to make a change, the steps you need to take to train for a new career are basically the same. Even though you may be looking for a different type of job, you will follow the same basic path, outlined below:

Author: Christopher
Being let go from a job can be a devastating experience, and can cripple you both financially and emotionally. If you have been out of a job for a while and are ready to get back to work, it can be very difficult to know where and how to start. The longer you have been out of the job market, the more difficulty you will likely have when you are ready to start the search for a new career. There are some things to keep in mind that will help you find more jobs that you are qualified for and improve your chances of landing the one you want.

Author: Anthony Alagbile

With the rapidly changing shape of work and life, it is no longer news that the average person will have a minimum of three careers in their life time. Making the right move at the right time and for the right reasons will go a long way to bring fulfillment and satisfaction to you. Therefore, it is important that you engage in a carefully thought out analysis of the various options whenever you are trying to make a shift in your career focus. The following considerations should always guide you in your quest.

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